In a startling revelation, Prophet David Babatunde Ephrata, based in the UK, has issued a fervent call for immediate prayer for renowned Nigerian music artist Davido. Ephrata, known for his prophetic insights that have often come to fruition, has declared that during a spiritual encounter, he witnessed extraterrestrial forces attempting to truncate Davido's lifespan, aiming to prevent him from living beyond his forties.

Expressing deep concern for Davido's well-being, Prophet Ephrata emphasized the urgent need for prayer to counteract these ominous forces. With his track record of accurate prophecies, Ephrata's warning has stirred a wave of concern among fans and followers of the music industry.

As the Nigerian music scene grapples with this alarming revelation, Davido's fans worldwide are urged to join in prayer for the protection and longevity of the beloved artist. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story

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