Abuja, Nigeria - May 29, 2024 – Hon. Joseph Asuku Bello, a former federal lawmaker and the current Executive Director of Asset Management at the Nigeria Electricity Liability Management Company (NELMCO), has expressed his profound commendation for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the administration marks its first anniversary in office. 

Reflecting on a year marked by significant strides and impactful policies, Hon. Bello highlighted the achievements and transformative initiatives undertaken by President Tinubu's government.

"President Tinubu's first year in office has been a testament to visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to the progress of Nigeria," stated Hon. Bello. 

"Under his guidance, we have witnessed substantial advancements in key areas such as economic reform, infrastructural development, and social welfare."

Economic Reforms and Growth

President Tinubu's administration has initiated robust economic reforms aimed at stabilizing and revitalizing Nigeria's economy. The implementation of policies to boost local production, attract foreign investments, and enhance the ease of doing business has begun to yield positive results. 

Notably, the administration's drive towards diversifying the economy has seen significant growth in the agricultural and technology sectors.

Infrastructural Development

In the past year, the government has embarked on several infrastructural projects designed to improve the nation's connectivity and support economic activities. The completion and commissioning of critical road networks, rail projects, and power sector improvements are pivotal in laying the groundwork for sustainable development.

Social Welfare and Inclusion

President Tinubu's administration has also placed a strong emphasis on social welfare programs aimed at reducing poverty and enhancing the quality of life for all Nigerians. Initiatives such as the enhanced social safety nets and youth empowerment programs have been instrumental in providing opportunities and support for the most vulnerable segments of society.

Security and Governance

The government has made notable strides in addressing security challenges across the country. Through strategic partnerships, increased funding for security agencies, and community-based approaches, there has been a marked improvement in the security situation, fostering a safer environment for citizens and businesses.

Future Prospects

Hon. Bello expressed optimism about the future under President Tinubu's leadership, emphasizing the administration's commitment to driving sustainable development and fostering national unity. "As we celebrate this milestone, we must also look forward to the continued implementation of policies that will secure a prosperous and inclusive future for all Nigerians," he added.

Hon. Joseph Asuku Bello reaffirmed his support for President Tinubu's administration and called on all Nigerians to remain united in their efforts to build a stronger and more prosperous nation. He urged citizens to actively participate in the democratic process and contribute to the collective progress of the country.

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