As 2024 unfolds, the world is witnessing the rapid fulfillment of Prophet Babatunde Ephrata's prophecies. From geopolitical tensions to natural disasters, his foresight has once again proven astonishingly accurate, underscoring his reputation as a true prophet of our times.

Security and Global Stability

Prophet Ephrata has made several prophecies concerning global security and stability. One notable prophecy was his warning about increasing geopolitical tensions between major powers. In early 2022, he foretold heightened conflicts and a resurgence of Cold War-era hostilities, particularly between the United States, Russia, and China. By mid-2023, the world saw an escalation in these tensions, with military build-ups and diplomatic standoffs reminiscent of the Cold War period. His foresight into the renewed arms race and the strained international relations has been remarkably accurate.

Economic Forecasts

The prophet's insights into the global economy have also been profoundly accurate. In late 2021, Prophet Ephrata predicted a significant economic downturn driven by supply chain disruptions, inflation, and market volatility. By 2023, these issues had materialized, leading to widespread economic instability. Countries like the United States and the European Union faced record inflation rates, while global supply chains struggled to recover from the pandemic's impact. His prophecies about the rise of cryptocurrencies and their eventual regulation have also come to pass, with numerous governments implementing stricter controls on digital currencies.

War and Conflict

Prophet Ephrata has not shied away from predicting wars and conflicts. In 2019, he predicted the outbreak of a significant conflict in Eastern Europe, specifically pointing to Ukraine. His prophecy came to fruition in 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to a devastating war with far-reaching consequences. The conflict not only resulted in massive loss of life and displacement but also reshaped global alliances and economic sanctions, just as the prophet had foreseen.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

In the realm of climate change, Prophet Ephrata’s prophecies have been both dire and accurate. In a 2020 prophecy, he warned of unprecedented natural disasters resulting from climate change, including severe hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. The following years saw record-breaking natural disasters across the globe. In 2023 alone, the United States experienced one of the most destructive hurricane seasons in history, while Europe grappled with catastrophic floods. Wildfires ravaged parts of Australia and California, aligning precisely with Prophet Ephrata's warnings.

Global Health

Another significant area of Prophet Ephrata’s prophecies pertains to global health crises. In 2019, he predicted a major pandemic that would challenge the world’s healthcare systems and lead to societal changes. This prophecy was fulfilled with the outbreak of COVID-19, which had profound impacts on global health, economies, and daily life. He also foretold the emergence of new variants and the ongoing struggle to achieve global vaccination, both of which have continued to unfold.

Environmental Changes

Prophet Ephrata’s insights into environmental changes have also proven to be prophetic. He warned of rising sea levels and their impact on coastal cities, predicting that places like Miami, Venice, and parts of Southeast Asia would face severe flooding. In recent years, these regions have experienced increased flooding and environmental degradation, highlighting the accuracy of his predictions. His call for urgent environmental action has echoed the sentiments of global leaders and activists striving to combat climate change.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have been another focus of Prophet Ephrata’s prophecies. He accurately predicted the 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which resulted in massive destruction and loss of life. Additionally, his forecast of volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ring of Fire has come to pass, with significant eruptions occurring in Indonesia and the Philippines.


Prophet Babatunde Ephrata’s prophetic insights have provided a remarkable lens through which to view global events. His accurate predictions on security, economy, war, climate change, and natural disasters have established him as a prophetic voice of unparalleled credibility. As the world continues to navigate these tumultuous times, many look to Prophet Ephrata for guidance and foresight, recognizing the profound impact of his prophecies on understanding and preparing for the future

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