Lagos, Nigeria - In a strategic move to combat the persistent issue of urban congestion in Lagos State, Realtor Max Property Company, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Michael Adeyemi, has unveiled ambitious plans to create a modern cityscape with its flagship project, the Urban Max estate.

Urban congestion has long been a major concern for the government, stakeholders, and residents of Lagos. The state's limited land resources and the continuous influx of people seeking better opportunities have resulted in soaring rental costs and limited accommodation options. Realtor Max's solution is to launch the Urban Max estate, a forward-thinking initiative aimed at providing affordable housing alternatives for those who might not afford the already expensive urban areas in Lagos.

The Urban Max Estate: Affordable Homeownership

Dr. Michael Adeyemi, the driving force behind Realtor Max, shared details about this groundbreaking project. The Urban Max estate is designed to cater to individuals on a budget, offering them a pathway to property ownership, starting with land and eventually homes. Potential buyers can opt for a unique payment plan, depositing ₦1,250 per day or around ₦6,000 weekly until the full amount is settled over six months or a year. Currently, a plot is available at a presale offer of ₦400,000 until December 2023. The estate is already in high gear with essential infrastructure like perimeter fencing and an estate gate underway.

Given the skyrocketing rental prices in Lagos, areas like Abule Egba and Mowe are witnessing rental rates of ₦700,000 to ₦1,000,000 for a two or three-bedroom apartment. This underscores the necessity of creating new urban areas that cater to those with limited budgets.

Prime Location and Accessibility

The Urban Max estate is conveniently situated at Owode Egba, just before Obafe area in Ogun State, off Shagamu intersection. Major roadways, including the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road and Abeokuta Express, provide easy access to the estate. Recent road improvements have considerably reduced commuting times. The vast 500-acre estate will be developed in phases, with plans to extend its influence over the entire area.

Building Sustainable Wealth

Realtor Max doesn't stop at selling land; their goal is to guide and support buyers through the process of constructing their homes. By offering guidance on home construction, the company bridges the gap between land ownership and actual homeownership, ensuring that more individuals can realize their dream of owning a home.

Infrastructure and Amenities

To create a comfortable living environment, Realtor Max is committed to providing essential infrastructure and amenities within the Urban Max estate. Currently, activities include land clearance, and preparations for high-tension electricity and security measures. Plans are also in motion for recreational centers, perimeter fencing, an estate gate, and other necessary facilities. Although the company is not currently constructing homes within the estate, its strategy focuses on providing land and facilities, enabling individuals to become homeowners and contributing to the decongestion of Lagos City.

Realtor Max Property Company, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Adeyemi, is taking significant steps to address urban congestion in Lagos State. Through the Urban Max estate and other initiatives, the company aims to provide affordable housing options, guide buyers through the home construction process, and enhance the overall living experience for residents. This visionary project is set to make a positive impact on both individual homeowners and the Lagos State community as a whole

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