In a candid revelation, Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, better known as Davido, recently opened up about the hurdles he faced at the start of his music career. Speaking on the 'Kelly Clarkson Show,' the award-winning artist shared a significant aspect of his personal journey, reflecting on his father's initial reservations and how he managed to strike a balance between education and music.


Early Career Challenges


During the interview, Davido disclosed that his father, Adedeji Adeleke, was initially opposed to his aspirations in the music industry. According to the multiple-award-winning singer, his father firmly believed in the importance of education and desired him to prioritize academic success before venturing into music as a career.


"I come from a big family that places a strong emphasis on education," Davido explained. "I'm a first-generation entertainer in my entire bloodline. He was adamant about me finishing school. One, because I didn't make it. Two, because, you know, I didn't make it, right?"


Davido's father, Adedeji Adeleke, is notably the owner of a university, which further underscores the family's commitment to education. His mother, too, was a college professor. Davido recognized that their concerns were driven by the desire for his success, acknowledging the inherent challenges in achieving success within the music industry.


Striking a Balance


To address his father's concerns while pursuing his passion for music, Davido and his father reached a unique agreement. He recounted, "We made a deal where I go to school for two weeks out of the month, and the other two weeks, I can be in the studio and do what I want."


As his music career began to take off, Davido encountered a new set of challenges. His growing popularity and increasing demand in the music industry started to disrupt his educational commitments. This eventually led to some alterations in his academic schedule.


"It got to a point where I was distracting the class when my music got bigger," Davido explained. "After a while, I got to do part-time class-type stuff. I was getting too big, and he got mad."


Reflecting on the extent of his father's influence, Davido mentioned, "I'm talking about he sees a billboard of me doing a show; the show gets canceled before I get there. He has that type of power."


Ultimately, Davido managed to navigate his education and music career effectively. He successfully completed his education, and today, his father is not just his parent but also his biggest fan and supporter.


Davido's story serves as a testament to the challenges faced by many aspiring musicians, the importance of education in Nigerian families, and the resilience needed to carve a path to success in the music industry.

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