UK based blogger and GIOTV Show host Maureen Badejo has asked the founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Tabernacle also known as Winners’ Chapel where he buried his first wife.

This question shocked most of GIOTV viewers and followers because they did not know that the popular pastor, Oyedepo had a wife wife that died everyone thought Mrs. Faith is Papa’s (as he is fondly called) one and only wife.


Maureen further played a recorded tape where she interviewed ARELU AGBAYE now ARELU JESU and what she said about how Oyedepo got his fame and glory even the power that he is using.


According to her, she said Oyedepo is neck deep in darkness and many may not believe it, but the man in question knows.


“When I was serving satan, Bishop Oyedepo was my son”. She said the late Archbishop Idahosa was their father.

Erelu said a virgin and a pregnant woman was buried at Oyedepo’s church altar the one at Ota to be precised.


She said what does she stand to gain if she lies against Oyedepo? “He is not feeding me. But all I’m saying is based on God’s instructions.”


Maureen also played a voice note of a man who said Oyedepo started his church at Ilorin but he left when he could not tell his late wife relatives where he buried their daughter


The man said Oyedepo relocated to Kaduna, six months after the disappearing of his wife and he became popular.


Maureen challenged Oyedepo to come out and debunk these allegations.

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